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Mutianyu’s Great Wall of China

Location mutianyu's Great Wall of ChinaWhere is it located?

Mutianyu's Great wall of China, located about 73 kilometers northeast of Beijing; is a beautiful section, steeped in history, with many unique and interesting features.

Originally built in the Northern Qi Dynasty (550 – 557), the Mutianyu section was rebuilt during the Ming Dynasty (1368 – 1644), to guard and protect the capital and the imperial mausoleums.

The 2.5 kilometer Mutianyu section is the longest fully-restored section of the Great Wall that is open to tourists, and Mutianyu's Great wall of China is less crowded than the Badaling and Juyongguan sections.

Map of the great wall of china Mutianyu in Beijing

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great wall of china mutianyu

The views of Mutianyu

Breathtaking Scenery. Mutianyu's Great wall connects the Juyongguan Pass to the west, and the Gubeikou Section to the east. Surrounded by beautiful mountains, Mutianyu’s Great wall of China has unbeatable scenery year around.

Mutianyu's great wall of china

The Mutianyu section is encircled with gorgeous flowers in the spring, verdant greenery and forests in the summer, colorful autumn foliage in the fall, and pristine white snow in the wintertime. It is open year-around, so you can travel to the awe-inspiring section during any season.

mutianyu great wall

Interesting Features.

Mutianyu's Great wall of China measures from 7-8 meters tall and from 3-4 meters wide, and is unique for several reasons. Constructed of mostly granite, it is almost indestructible. There are a total of 22 watchtowers along the Mutianyu's Great wall of China, at about 100 meter intervals, and many steps. Parapets are on both sides, with unique square embrasures built-in below. Along the many perpendicular ridges that jut out from the Wall, there are tail walls extending in both directions, to increase the defensive advantage. Another interesting fact is that there are three connected watchtowers at the Zheng Guan Tai gate – one large one in the middle, and smaller ones on either side – a design not found in other sections of the Great Wall of China.

sideview great wall of china Mutianyu

Access to the Wall

Mutianyu's Great wall may be in a rugged location, but year-around travel is undemanding with the first-rate cable lift. And even more exciting is the wheeled toboggan ride down from the Wall that runs on a winding metal track. Hikers who enjoy a challenge will love the trek with the steep incline to the top of the Wall as well as, the thick forested surroundings.

cablelift mutianyu great wall of china
Cablelift Mutianyu great wall.

So the fact is that travel to the Mutianyu's Great wall of China is a great way to experience the glorious history of China in a beautiful location, with easy access using the top-rated cable lift.