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Beijing Great Wall of China


Traveling to the Great Wall of China is a trip of a lifetime, and there are many Beijing sightseeing opportunities to make your trip even more memorable. The Beijing Great Wall may be your main objective, but there are many things to do in and around Beijing.

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The Great Wall of China

Although many people think the Beijing Great Wall is one long wall, it is actually a series of walls built for defensive purposes through a series of dynasties beginning in the 7th – 8th century B.C. The first Chinese emperor Qin ordered that the country combine walls and build the Great Wall in 212 B.C. The wall has numerous sections, some better maintained than others; and the totality of the sections span across China for over 10,000 kilometers. Winding through rugged, mountainous terrain, the Beijing Great Wall is one of the Eight Wonders of the World.

Beijing Great Wall Tours


You can find many Beijing tour packages including the Beijing Great Wall. You can find half-day, full-day, multiple-day, week-long, or even month-long tours of the Beijing Great Wall; by itself or combined with other Beijing attractions and sightseeing locations. Beijing tour companies have Great Wall tours by bus, bicycle, rickshaw, hiking tours, river trips, or a combination of some or all of these.

There are many sections of the Beijing Great Wall that can be traveled. The most popular are listed here with information about each so you can decide which to choose (or you can see them all!).

Badaling Great Wall. Many first-time visitors choose the Great Wall at Badaling. One of the most magnificent and beautifully preserved sections of the Great Wall, most people choose to climb and hike the east section where the highest watch tower is located.

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Mutianyu Great Wall. This comparatively smooth section of the Great Wall is surrounded by an exceptionally beautiful densely wooded natural landscape with 20 watch towers along this snaking 3000 meter ridge.

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Juyongguan Great Wall. This section is the closest to Beijing, and spans 4 kilometers across the Juyongguan Pass between the Jundu mountains and the Taihang mountains. The beautiful natural landscape surrounds a much renovated section first completed in 1368 during the Ming Dynasty.

Jinshanling Great Wall. The Jinshanling Great Wall is one of the most challenging sections of the Great Wall for hiking; and includes ruins, preserved, and original structures. Named for the Jinshan Mountain, the rugged terrain can be tough to navigate.


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Simatai Great Wall. The Simatai Great Wall is temporarily closed in 2011 for repairs. Divided into two sections by the Simatai Reservoir, this section is connected by a chain link bridge running east to west. Thirty-one watchtowers span the snaking length of steep hills with amazing views.

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Huanghuacheng Great Wall. For anyone who wants to see the wall without actually walking on it, this section provides a pleasant reservoir to walk around and see the original wall in a short distance from Beijing.

Where to Stay in Beijing

There are many Beijing 5 star hotels, as well as many other nice places to stay in a hotel Beijing style. The Beijing 5 star hotels are usually booked by travel agencies for private and group tours. For families, the 3 and 4 star hotels are usually the ones chosen. Three star hotels come highly recommended for foreigners and travelers to China, many of which have excellent service and high quality. You can travel Beijing from many nice hotels, and their prices are less expensive than you might expect. Beijing tour packages include stops at many of the Beijing hotels.

Beijing Attractions

Although the Beijing Great Wall is the most well-known of the Beijing attractions, there are so many things to do in Beijing that it would take weeks or months to experience them all. Whatever your pleasure: history, culture, art, parks, gardens, temples, museums, or nature – you can find it in and around Beijing. Here are the top 10 Beijing places to see in addition to the Beijing Great Wall:
Forbidden City - The world’s largest palace complex located in the exact center of Beijing.
Tiananmen Square – The world’s largest city square, covering 44 hectares (108.7 acres).

tiananmen square
Parade at the tiananmen square

Temple of Heaven – China’s largest and one of the world’s greatest religious structures.
Summer Palace – One of the world’s grandest imperial gardens and cultural heritage sight.
Ming Tombs – Spectacular 13-tomb cluster for emperors of the Ming dynasty.
Beijing Hutongs – Ancient culture comes to life in the narrow alleys around the Forbidden City.
Lama Temple – One of the world’s largest and most important Tibetan Buddhist monasteries.
Beijing Zoo – Home of the Giant Panda House & the Beijing Aquarium – the Zoo is a must see.
Olympic Village – See the Bird’s Nest and Water Cube at the site of the 2008 Summer Olympics.
National Grand Theater – Experience the Beijing Opera and amazing traditional entertainment.

So if you are going to travel Beijing to see the Beijing Great Wall, you will find many places to stay from Beijing 5 star hotels to other fine hotel Beijing. In addition to the Great Wall, you must check out the many things to do in Beijing. Consider a Beijing tour package including many of the Beijing attractions and the Beijing Great Wall. Enjoy!