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China Airlines

Are you planning to travel to China? When taking China airlines, there are a number of things for which tourists should prepare. Have a safe flight and enjoy your trip by taking care of these things before you leave.

Airport in Beijing
Beijing airport

Buying Tickets To China

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When traveling to China, especially on China airlines, look around for cheap tickets, but purchase from comfortable airlines: it's about a 13-hour flight from JFK airport. Some airlines offering flights include:

China Airlines:
Air China:
Asiana Airlines:
American Airlines:
Singapore Air:

To be allowed into China, you must have a visa, which will be pasted to your passport. Show this when boarding China airlines and when you arrive or you will not be allowed in. Make sure it's validated and covers the length of your stay. You will need to submit your application in person, and it's best to have it out of the way about a month before leaving.

Entering China

Before you go, you may need to have an examination from a physician to prove you're healthy.

When you arrive for your travel experience, you must be careful to follow all customs regulations. There are two lines: green if you don't have anything to declare and, red if you do have something. Some things you will need to declare include:

Over 400 cigarettes
Foreign currency exceeding $5,000 U.S.
Valuable items like gold and silver
Communication devices
Anything that will be left in China exceeding $5,000 U.S.

The Return Flight

When you're returning, airlines will require that you show your visa and your passport. Your luggage will be hand inspected, and you will need to leave while your visa is still valid. You will also need to fill out a departure card and a custom declaration when you're leaving, before boarding any China airlines.

China is a beautiful country with a rich history that can provide unique and unforgettable experiences. By following the country's flight and travel regulations, you can have a safe trip that is memorable. Take plenty of pictures! And enjoy flying by China airlines.