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China Facts


These days, it seems people from across the globe have China on their minds. As this giant rises again, news of its cultural heritage and lifestyle abounds. Much of this coverage about China facts conveys the uncertainty about how China's role will develop on a global scale. However, beyond all this lies a fascinating country that never ceases to shock due to its sheer dimensions and its unique sense of itself and of the world.

China facts 101

While the press often talks about the rise of China, the reality is that the country boats almost 5,000 years of history. While archeologists and the like argue about the exact dates, there is little doubt that people had settled down and established relatively complex administrative structures around the 13th century BCE.
China contains a wide variety of climates and ecosystems: you can find everything from steppes, tundra and desert (with dunes and all) to rainforest, temperate climates to the sky-scraping Himalayas.
The central government currently administers 22 provinces and five autonomous regions.

China Population

With over 1.3 billion people and counting, the China population accounts for about 1/6 of the world’s population.
Beyond the approximately 850,000,000 people who speak Mandarin Chinese, there are 55 official minority languages and an estimated 292 additional living languages on the mainland.

China Population Capital

As of now, the population of Beijing hovers around the 20-million mark, making it one of the largest cities in the world.
The true China population capital, however, is either ChongQing or ShangHai, depending on how they are measured. ChongQing's administrative region houses more than 30 million people.
Demographic experts predict multiple megacities in China's future. By 2025, the country will have around 220 cities with populations greater than one million people and at least eight megacities with populations above ten million.

Fun Facts about China

On average, thirty four babies are born each minute in mainland China.
At one time, the world's tallest man, Bao XiShun and the world's smallest man, He PingPing, both came from China and actually met.
Gunpowder, the compass, papermaking and printing were all invented in ancient China.
"Have you eaten yet?" is a typical Chinese greeting, akin to "How are you doing?".

China's time has arrived. No matter whether you plan to immerse yourself in the culture or just want to get to know this unique place better, fun facts about China can motivate you to know more about the real country behind the media stories.