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China's Flag

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Appearance of the Flag

The China flag has a very distinctive appearance. The People's Republic of China has a flag with a vibrant red field with five golden stars in the upper left corner. This design features one larger star with four small stars in a semicircle set towards the fly, or the portion of the the flag furthest from the flagpole. The flag of China features red so prominently because it represents revolution; the stars and their relationship to each other represent the unity of the Chinese people under the Communist Part of China (CPC). The China flag is sometimes referred to as the five star red flag.

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Design of the Flag of China

There are many facts about the China flag that few people know. For instance, the China flag known today wasn't adopted officially until September 27, 1949. When Zeng Liansong designed the flag China history was forever changed. Zeng, a citizen from Rui'an Zhejiang, designed the China flag in response to a distribution from the Prepatory Committee of the New Political Consultative Conference in July of 1949, which was not long after they came into power after the civil war. Around 3,000 entries were received for the competition and Zeng's was put in with 38 finalists. There were many meetings and small modifications made to the design before Zeng's design was chosen as the official national China flag. When they first hoisted the flag China history was once again changed. The flag flew for the first time overlooking Beijing's Tiananmen Square on October 1, 1949 at a ceromony that announced the beginning of the People's Republic.

History of the China Flag

Adopting the Chinese flag was no simple matter. On July 4, 1949 the Prepatory Committee of the New Political Consultative Conference created a notice asking for designs for a new national flag. This notice was published in many papers during mid-July. The requirements for the China flag were listed, including: Chinese characteristics like history and culture, power characteristics like the worker and peasant alliance, the shape must be rectangular and the length to breadth ratio must be 3:2, the color must be bright red. Zeng decided to create a design to show his patriotic feelings for the new country. While designing the flag he says he thought of the Chinese proverb "longing for the stars, longing for the moon." The four small stars on the flag came from an article written by Mao Zedong which defined the people of China as belonging to four social classes. When he was done working out the details he sent his design to the committee. There were many designs that Mao Zedong originally preferred for the Chinese flag, although Zeng's was finally selected after much debate. These facts all add up to a rich history of the China flag.


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