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Travel to the great wall in China

The distance from hong kong to the great wall of china.

If you are in Hong Kong and you want to see the great wall, there are many ways you can accomplish this goal. Hong Kong is one of China's largest cities. Largely self contained and located in the far south of the country, unfortunately it is nowhere near any section of the great wall of China. Fortunately, there are many ways you can easily travel from this fabulous city to see the great wall.

How to get there?

Because of the distance between Hong Kong and the Great wall of China, the best way to travel from Hong Kong to the great wall of China is to fly to a place right near the wall. The nearest large city to the wall with routine flights from Hong Kong is Beijing.
Hong Kong is over twelve hundred miles from Beijing. Beijing, formerly known to Westerners as Peking, is the capital of China. Beijing is in the northern part of China. A flight from Hong Kong to this capital takes roughly three hours. The trip from Hong Kong to Beijing can be done in under half a day. There are many daily flights from Hong Kong to Beijing so it should be very easy to arrange one.

Where to go in Beijing?

Once you have flown to Beijing, you can rent a car or hire a driver to drive you to the great wall of China. The wall is only about an hour and an half drive from the center of the city. Many local area travel agencies can arrange both the car and driver for you. Driving by yourself can be hazardous and confusing, especially if you do not speak fluent Chinese. Hiring a car and driver is easy on your nerves and your budget.

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The trip from Beijing to the great wall will typically take you to one of two parts of the wall: Mutianyu or the Badaling. Each part involves a drive though the scenic mountains. The drive to the wall is roughly sixty kilometers from Beijing. The drive will take place on paved roads and allow you to see some of the smaller, charming villages that are adjacent to the wall. Allow at least a day for this trip from Beijing if possible. You may also wish to stay overnight in a nearby town to get a feel for the local culture of the region and walk along the wall.

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If you don't wish to hire a driver or take a tour, you can get a bus from the center part of Beijing which is fine if you have an understanding of Chinese or are traveling with someone who does. Use the long-distance bus station to get to the Huanghua station. Look for directions posted there and get off at the Huanghuacheng stop. Make sure that you get an express bus rather than a local bus. The express is known as the Jingcheng express and will go the fastest. You will still have to take a taxi to the wall as no buses or trains actually go directly to the Great Wall from any town in China.

China is a vast and highly interesting country with a rich history. If you are visiting any part of the nation, you should take the opportunity to see all you can of one of the world's most amazing places. If you are Hong Kong, consider a plane ride and travel to China's glorious and historic great wall.