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Famous People Who Have Visited the Great Wall of China


Many visitors from all over the world have visited the Great Wall and many of these visitors are people whose name you might recognize.

The following is a brief list of famous people who have visited the Great Wall. This list is not in any order of ranking.

1) Barack Obama – The President of the United States first visited the Great Wall in November 2009, along with John Huntsman, the US Ambassador to China and a host of others. During the final stop of an eight-day goodwill trip, President Obama stated: “It’s magical. It reminds of you of the sweep of history and our time here on earth is not that long. We better make the most of it. Many other past American presidents have visited the Great Wall such as Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and George H. Bush. Former Vice President Al Gore and his wife also had the opportunity to visit the Great Wall. Their trip was in 1997.

2) Steve Nash and Yao Ming, NBA Basketball Players – The Canadian born Nash is considered one of the best point guards in NBA history and is a two-time winner of the NBA Most Valuable Player award. He toured the Great Wall with his wife in September 2009. Yao Ming, the most famous basketball in China also visited the Great Wall in 2009 and is certain to return to one of his home country’s most important sites.

3) Beyoncé Knowles American Singer – Beyoncé is one of the top performers in popular music today and has won multiple music awards for her singing. She had the pleasure of visiting the Great Wall in October 2009. She said that she had always seen the pictures of the Great Wall but when she actually visited the historical site, Beyoncé said “I’ve actually been there it changes your view on life.”

4) David Copperfield, Magician – Famous American magician David Copperfield not only visited the Great Wall in 1986, he also performed an incredible magic trick by seemingly walking through the Great Wall! The trick seemed awfully real but obviously was an illusion

5) Nelson Mandela – The Former President of South Africa and Nobel Peace Prize winner, who at one time was imprisoned for 27 years for his anti-apartheid stance, also visited the Great Wall.

6) Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan – Jaden, the up and coming child actor and son of famous movie star Will Smith and Jackie Chan, the world famous Chinese actor from Hong Kong both visited the Great Wall while filming portions of their 2010 movie “The Karate Kid” at the Great Wall.

7) Olivia Newton-John, Singer – The famous Australian singer and 4-time Grammy Award winner who starred in the movies Grease, Xanadu and others also visited the Great Wall. Ms. Newton-John, a breast cancer survivor did a walk along the Great Wall to raise money on research and further educate the world on breast cancer awareness. In 2008, just before the Summer Olympics in Beijing, Ms. Newton-John and others walked nearly 150 miles over the course of 21 days along the Great Wall.

8) Karl Lagerfeld, Fashion Designer for Chanel and Fendi – In 2007 Karl Lagerfeld hosted a runway fashion show on the Great Wall! Famous actresses such as Ziyi Zhang who starred in “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”, American Kate Both worth and English Thandie Newton were among the 500 guests who attended the fashion show that featured over 80 world-class models.

9) Several world leaders such as Russian leaders Mikhail Gorbachev, Boris Yeltsin and Vladmir Putin, Queen Elizabeth II of England, Cuba’s Fidel Castro, Emperor Akihito of Japan, King Juan Carlos of Spain, French leader Francois Mitterrand, Indian Premier Rajiv Gandhi, and Prince Albert of Monaco and others all have visited the historic Great Wall.

10) A Great Wall of China rock concert in 2008 featured several famous singers and musicians such as American singer and pianist Alicia Keys, British singer Cyndi Lauper and the popular Boyz II Men.

As you can see, famous people such as several world leaders, movie stars, sports personalities and others have visited the incredible and breathtaking Great Wall of China. The reason is obvious; to be able to view the grandeur that is the Great Wall with a panoramic view of Mongolia.