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Great Wall Of China Bad Facts.

5 Not-So-Great Facts About the Great Wall of China.

Created by many different dynasties to protect the Northern border of China, the Great Wall of China still mystifies people today. Often considered the epitome of mankind’s power, this famous wall also has many reasons to be ashamed of itself. Here, are some less noble facts about the Great Wall of China.

A great failure

The Great Wall of China often didn’t achieve its life purpose. In many areas, the wall was never completed or was low enough to allow easy access for the Mongol armies of Ghengis Khan. This allowed the Mongols to conquer northern China and rule until the Ming Dynasty came into power.

A Great Injustice

There was a period of time that people actively disapproved of the Great Wall. People viewed it as a sign of a single ruler and an unfair system. People encouraged each other to remove bricks from the Great Wall and keep the bricks on their farms to rebel against the perceived unfairness.

A Great Cemetery of China

During the construction, it was considered, the greatest cemetery on earth, since men died daily while building the wall. It is a common myth that most of the mortar contains human remnants since men would fall into the mud that was often used instead of mortar. However, there has never been any proof of this or written records of men falling into mortar and their bodies not extracted.

Not Visible From Space

During the late 1800’s, it was rumored that the Great Wall was so vast that is could be seen from space. Once space travel was possible, astronauts reported not being able to detect any part of the wall from outer space.

The Great Disappearing Act

In the next 25 years, many sections of the Great Wall are expected to disappear due to erosion and land shifts.