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Is the great wall of china the only manmade object to be able to be seen from space?

Some state that you can see the wall from the moon this is a myth but the big question about this remarkable wall is can you see it from outer space and is it the only manmade object you can see from space? The myth of being able to see The Great Wall of China from space started several years ago. When Yang Liwei, an astronaut from china, stated that he could not see the structure, the controversy arose. However, the big question is, is this myth true or false?


Picture of the Great Wall of China from Space credit:NASA

the great wall of china from space

On November 24, 2004, just a mere 200 miles north of Beijing,

the capital of China, this photograph was taken from on board

the International Space Station. Several arrows point to sections of the Great Wall of China. A yellow arrow marks one of the most visible sections of the wall, located at 42.5 degrees North, and 117.4 degrees East. In addition, red arrows locate several other wall locations visible from the space station with a camera.

This photo, along with several others taken from the spacestation, was taken in order to prove that it is possible to see the Great Wall of China from space. It was believed that it was possible to see parts of the wall, specifically places in Inner Mongolia. The photos were taken by Leroy Chiao, using an E4: Kodak DCS7606 Electronic Still Camera, along with a 180mm focal length on the camera.

Thanks to Chiao, NASA ISS science officer and commander of the 10th Station Crew, and his photos, the nation of China was grateful. Excitement was created in the Chinese media over this sighting of the Great Wall of China from space, despite the fact that Chiao himself was unsure if the wall was even visible in the famed photos he had taken.

While it would be remarkable to see this structure from space, it simply is not the case. Several attempts have been made, to capture a picture of the great wall but all photos have come up short. However, while you cannot see the entire monument, small sections have been captured in a photo. The sections of the wall that were photographed are the sections found in Inner Mongolia, a southern part of China. The photographs were taken by Leroy Chiao from the International Station. However, even these small sections are questionable. Chiao himself expresses his own doubts about the section being visible in the photo.

Other manmade objects can be seen from space, for example the Egyptian pyramids.

While a questionable photograph with a possible section of the Great Wall of China exists, it is safe to say that you cannot see the wall from outer space, especially without the help of special lenses and zoom technology. While you cannot see the Great Wall from beyond, other man made sculptures such as the Pyramids of Giza are seen rather easily. While this claim shatters the hopes of many, one scientist has a theory that may explain why you may not be able to see it.

She states that because it is made of materials very similar to its background, the wall may simply blend in with the surroundings from such an altitude. While it is evident that you

cannot see the magnificent structure from space, this theory keeps hope that it may be visible, just not to the naked eye.

Picture of Beijing at night from Space credit:NASA

Beijing at night from space

Camera Focal Length: 116mm
Camera: N5: Nikon D3S
Aerial picture of the great Wall of China

great wall of china aerial pic