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Best places to visit the Great Wall of China

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Where Is the Best Place to Visit the Great Wall of China?

Visitors must decide which sections of the wall and areas of the country are of greatest interest to them. Where is the best place to visit the Great Wall of China? Many locations stand out. They include:


Related Attractions and Places of Interest

Special places of interest along the Great Wall are many and various. Not to be missed is the Great Wall Museum in Badaling. Exhibits and artifacts provide details of the wall’s history.

Another must-see place of interest tourism sight is the Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses exhibit at Xian in Shanxi Province. It displays carved figures more than 2,000 years old.

Natural attractions are impressive throughout northern China. Visitors to the Great Wall may see a diversity of wildlife. Animals include deer, bears, weasels and pikas. Travelers may even catch a glimpse of a panda. Hundreds of bird species, migratory and year-round, inhabit the region.

Plant enthusiasts will be interested in the variety of trees, shrubs and herbs. The Chinese for centuries have derived medicines from many of these plants.