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Great Wall of China Tours


One of the world class tours one can take is that of the famous Great Wall of China. Stretching across China from east to west. China is rich in history, culture and nature.

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Great Wall of China Holiday

People just love to discover facts about civilization and history through going on a Great Wall of China holiday. A tour to the Great Wall of china offers sightseeing of the various wall remains that withstood for centuries. Great Wall of China tours will showcase the sections of the walls, depending on the tourists’ preference. The following are the wall sections in the region of Beijing that one may choose to visit:

  • Badaling Great Wall
  • Mutianyu Great Wall
  • Gubeikou Great Wall
  • Jinshanling Great Wall
  • Simatai Great Wall
  • Huangyaguan Great Wall
  • Jiankou Great Wall
  • Juyongguan Great Wall

  • All of these walls can be visited on day tours. Pricing for the Great Wall of China holiday is inclusive of the following: entrance fees for the scenic spots to be visited, meals, private transfers, a tour guide as well as a service charge and government taxes.

    Tour in China

    Aside from touring the Great Walls of China, tourists can also visit the other scenic and historical spots included in the tour. One of these famous spots is the Tiananmen Square, which is considered as the largest city square in Beijing. Tiananmen Square is a witness to various Chinese festivals and site of important events in the history of the Chinese people. The Tiananmen Square leads to the entrance of another important spot, the famed Forbidden City.

    The Forbidden City served home to China’s emperors as an Imperial Palace. The intricate designs of its architecture would surely fascinate tourists any day. The Hall of Clocks and Watches is located within the Forbidden City and is home to around 200 imperial clocks.

    China Beiijing Tour

    This tour includes a visit to the following scenic spots: The Temple of Heaven, The Mutianyu Great Wall, XIn Shuang Quan Restaurant, Roasted Duck Fangzhuang and Shahe Cloisonne Factory.

    This superb tour comprises visit to The Temple of Heaven which is a Taoist temple where most Chinese renders prayers for an abundant harvest. Meanwhile, the Mutianyu Great Wall is accessible via cable car, which will spare tourist the steep climb. This part of the Great Wall of China tours will offer great scenery while taking leisurely walks along the walls. The Shahe Cloisonne Factory makes Cloisonne wares, which are perfect for souvenirs!

    To experience, the undeniably delectable Chinese cuisine, most of the Great Wall of China tours consist of stopovers to famed restaurants in China. One of these is the Xin Shuang Quan Restaurant which serves delicious fish dishes. Meanwhile, Quanjude Restaurant dishes up their famous Beijing roasted duck.

    Within this Beijing tour and part of the Great Wall of China tours, which can also be done in small groups, one can still visit the Summer Palace which is also called Yiheyuan. In English, it means Garden of Nurtured Harmony. It is one of the most well-known gardens in China that dates back to the imperial times. Another restaurant, Xibei Restaurant, will bring the culinary greatness of various Chinese cultures such as Manchurian, Hans, Mongolians, and the Chinese Muslims together.

    The tours can be custom-fit to one’s preference and interest of visiting the wonderful country of China. Tourists can pick and put together day trips to the various sections of the Great Wall, mixing these with culinary experience by eating out in the nearby restaurants, whose reputations are outstanding. They can be done over a few days up to a week, in big or small groups.

    One can have a truly amazing and unforgettable experience out of these Great Wall of China tours.