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Great Wall of China Travel Tips


When to Visit the Great Wall of China?

The Great Wall of China attracts visitors year-round. At higher elevations, the warm months are best because winter weather can be severe.

Tourists are advised to bring outer wraps for hiking the wall from autumn to spring. In summer, they should take along fluids to drink, or plan to buy them from vendors along the way.

Generally, the most popular destinations along the wall are far less crowded on weekdays. Tourism services can suggest to you when to visit the Great Wall of China at its different points.

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best time to visit the great wall of china

Means of Transportation

Tourists staying in major cities such as Beijing can take day trips to the wall, going out to different points by bus, train or taxi. Airplane service is available to some of the remoter areas.

The obvious way to experience the Great Wall of China is on foot. Visitors typically spend two to six hours exploring the heights and taking photos. Some tourist companies promote hiking adventures that traverse long sections of the wall. Walking the wall is easy in some places. In others, especially in the highlands, it is very strenuous.

Interested travelers will have no difficulty determining a worthy place of interest. They should be aware that at any given time different sections of the Great Wall of China may be closed for repairs. It is important to consult a tourist or government travel resource before you visit.