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Han Dynasty Facts

15 top facts about the Han dynasty.

  • 206 BC to 9 AD is considered West Han and 25 to 220 AD is considered East Han.
  • Han Dynasty is known as the ‘Golden Era’ in Chinese history.
  • During the Han Dynasty, there was a period of peace, prosperity and economic growth throughout the kingdom.
  • There were 24 Emperors during this time period.
  • During this era, China was a leader in the arts, culture and literature.
  • Han Emperors emphasized tradition and order which outlasted their dynasty by 2000 years.
  • The Chinese people call themselves Han after the Han Empire.
  • Han is named after a river in China.
  • The Han Dynasty had a much lighter touch than the heavy-handed rulers like Qin.
  • This Dynasty was nearly as large as the Roman Empire during that time period.
  • The world population in 100 AD was about 180 million.
  • Four fifths of the entire population in 100 AD, lived under the Roman Empire, the Chinese Han Empire and the Indian Gupta Empires combined.
  • Confucius was established during this era.
  • ‘The Eternal Army’, is a select three thousand, 20 inch, terra-cotta soldiers which guard the tomb of Zhu Yafu, and protect him in his after-life.
  • The ancient Han believed that one must eat in the after-life just like they do when they are alive, so many times little terra-cotta piglets and other animals were found in the tombs, which would bring them food.