Visit The Great Wall Of China?

Why was the Great Wall of China Built?

The great wall consists of different sections and has an amazing length, but why was it built, what was the purpose of the great wall.

Why was the great wall of china built

Nomadic tribes from territories now a part of Mongolia and Manchuria often swooped down marauding into the areas ruled by the emperor. In 221, B.C., Qin Shi Huang conquered all the surrounding states and united them under his empire. He destroyed walls between states and ordered the main wall along the northern border of the territory to be extended.

Later dynasties repaired and rebuilt the Great Wall of China along the northern border to continue to deter those northern tribes from raiding. Because the walls were built of mud, gravel, and wood, repairs were often necessary. The wall that is seen today was mainly built by the Ming Dynasty in the 1400's B.C. Most of the artisans from this later time used stronger elements in the construction such as bricks and stone. Better materials made for a much more permanent structure

So, why was the Great Wall of China built? Emperors wanted to protect their border. The effort was costly in materials and manpower. It is said that over 1 million persons died in its construction. The walls had to be kept well-gaurded at the expense of the emperor. Another reason for the wall became the use of it as a barrier when a battle was fought at the border. Therefore, more than one motive caused the building of the wall. Since it was used to prevent northern bandit tribes from crossing the border, it was a border point for the emperor's soldiers to gather and defend. It was also a barrier during battle skirmishes! Thus, the Great Wall of China was built and maintained through the centuries and is an admired landmark in our world today.